Hair Care Tips

 1. Be Gentle- When Caring for your Lace Unit It is important to remember that THIS IS LACE. With that in mind handle your lace unit with care. Lightly Clean off any lace glue residue with a white wash cloth and 99 proof alcohol and anti bacterial soap. This will also help to keep the lace clean & fresh in between installs and to prevent skin break outs from build up residue, sweat, and dirt. (Please Check Our Lace Cleaning Service).

         2. Be Nurturing- Being that this is Human Hair It must be taken care of as such.Use CONDITIONER ONLY (Preferably Pantene Protect and Repair or  Moisture  Renewal) to clean the HAIR of the unit.Unless the unit has product build up or visibly soiled & needs to be washed with shampoo. ALL of OUR units are made with Grade 9A 100% Virgin hairwhich allows client to dye,bleach, flat iron, curl, & etc... with that in mind ALWAYS use heat protectant when using heat to style hair to keep hair from burning or damaging. At  Night Cut the leg part off of a SILK/Satin pantyhose/stocking (Can be bought at any
drug store)& use this to tie your hair down. This method will reduce tension and
keep the lace from sliding or moving while your are asleep. When tying your hair
down only tie down your edges, this will help prolong your install. After all who
doesn't love saving money!
           3. Be Fierce- Now your lace is clean and Your hair looks Flawless Last but not least Its time to Slay!!